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Working in a hotel on Lake Garda can be an enriching experience for a variety of reasons. First, you get to be in a place with stunning views and landscapes that attract people from all over the world. This means you'll meet guests from different countries and cultures, which can broaden your horizons and help you grow both personally and professionally.

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We also happy to receive applications sent on your own initiative, when there are no open positions announced on the site or not for the role for which you are qualified. We can't wait to find out about you... and meet you!

Our benefitsDesigned for you
1Room and board

We offer the possibility of staying near Madrigale, but not directly in the hotel, so our collaborators can enjoy precious time for themselves outside the hotel. Meals are included.


A free internet connection is present in all accommodations to allow our team to stay in touch with the outside world, their loved ones and navigate without worries and extra costs in their free time.

3Day off

We guarantee it weekly to all team members, as we believe that enjoying your free time is a tremendous value to be preserved, as well as a source of energy and motivation.


Addressed to those who work at Madrigale for over ten seasons and to those who introduce new and valuable collaborators to include in the team. We aim to retain the team and make it increasingly close-knit.

5Special rates for you

We have special rates at a bike, mountain bike and e-bike rental shop, fitness centre, dentist's office and the Sportler store in Affi. They are benefits dedicated to the well-being and health of our collaborators.

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