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Around the lake

Preview of an incredible variety of activities

A stay on Lake Garda is a guarantee of fun and variety. Castles and royal villas, terraces on the water and cable cars to the peaks, amusement parks and historic centres make the Garda area a place where nature and folklore, history and leisure intertwine.
The largest body of fresh water in Italy set at the foot of the Alps and extending towards Mediterranean regions, the lake bathes the shores of the Veneto, Trentino and Lombardy regions, a crossroads of cultures, a place of historical and natural influences. Among the most fascinating villages of the Veronese coast is the town of Garda, probably of Italic pile-dwelling origin. With its four fortifications, it became a centre of great importance and beauty during the middle ages. Its splendour never faded and you can still admire it, perhaps sipping a glass of good local wine. In fact, there are an abundance of wine shops and antique wine cellars in Garda.

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