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Well-being with the signature scent of Madrigale

Your hotel with spa on Lake Garda

Whether for different types of massages or for facial treatments, in the MAD Spa we use only premium products, made with local ingredients. In addition, the aromas that prevail are exactly the same ones you perceive in our garden: our essential oils have the scent of lemon, bergamot, rosemary and lavender.

Massages and treatments 

Foot and leg massage for lightness
An enveloping, stimulating, detoxifying and relaxing massage. Using specific essential oils and Dead Sea salt, your legs and feet are treated to a massage that offers a regenerating sensation of lightness.

25 min. € ׀ 45

Partial massage
Whether on the back, face or legs, this targeted massage is a real cure-all for the affected area.

25 min. € ׀ 40

MAD massage
All the well-being that the body and mind need, in a single massage with a remarkable relaxing power. Thanks to particularly enveloping massage, and the use of oils that have the signature Madrigale fragrance with notes of lemon, lavender, bergamot and rosemary, your experience in our MAD Spa will be unforgettable.

50 min. € ׀   70  
80 min. € ׀ 100

Sports massage
A massage that is perfect for anyone who practices sports and feels the need to relieve muscle tension, but also for those who appreciate stronger massages.

50 min. € ׀ 70

Aromatic massage
After choosing the essential oil with the aroma you prefer, all you have to do is let yourself be lulled by the scent it releases and the warm massage techniques on your body. This type of massage has the power to relax and rebalance your energies thanks to the strength of the oils themselves.

50 min. € ׀ 70

Abhyanga massage
While with the body you are at Lake Garda, with your mind you will be transported to India, thanks to this form of Ayurvedic therapy. Slow and intense, it pampers you from head to toe, offering a feeling of peace and long-lasting pleasure.

50 min. € ׀ 70

Massage with bamboo sticks
Warm or at room temperature, the hollow bamboo canes are used as a massage tool, in order to reactivate the circulation and remove tension in depth. This type of treatment is also recommended for athletes.

45 min. € ׀ 75

Relaxing body massage with 3D face mask
Particularly suitable for women, this massage, in addition to relaxing the body, gives the facial skin a new radiance with the application of a precious anti-aging, moisturizing and oxygenating mask.

50 min. € ׀ 75

Face cleansing
Simple and effective, facial cleansing is recommended for everyone, as it oxygenates and regenerates the skin, giving it a new glow. This practice uses premium products and unique techniques.

80 min. € ׀ 90

Specific facial treatment
A facial treatment created specifically for your skin, to treat age imperfections, impurities and sensitivity. Choose between oxygen (antioxidant), anti-aging and the 3D treatment, which combines the first two.

50 min. € ׀ 80

Oxygen facial treatment
Innovative oxygenating and detoxifying OXY treatment carried out with 5 shock products that allow damaged skin, due to continuous exposure to external stress, regain its lost vigour and firmness. These are products rich in innovative principles such as antioxidants, vitamins and hyaluronic acid of a high molecular weight. From the very first application you will notice a relaxation of expression lines and a slight skin lightening. The skin will appear visibly hydrated, toned and supple. We recommend using these products twice a year, for a consecutive period of 2 months each.

60 min. € ׀ 85


Aesthetic treatments

Traditional manicure without nail polish: 30 min. € 30
Traditional manicure with nail polish: 50 min. € 40
Semi-permanent manicure: 50 min. € 55
Traditional pedicure without nail polish: 50 min. € 40
Traditional pedicure with nail polish: 50 min. € 45
Semi-permanent pedicure: 60 min. € 55
Total hair removal: € 70
Back, chest or arms: € 25
Underarms: € 15
1/2 leg depilation: € 25
Whole leg: € 35
Complete groin: € 23
Bikini: € 15
Eyebrows (correction and shaping): € 15
Upper lip and chin: € 10

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